How do I transfer domains to my Name ISP account?

  • If you want to move a domain to an account with Name ISP from an account with another registrar or from an existing one, you start by logging into the account whose domain you want to transfer.

    Then, search for the domain you want to transfer by typing it in the white search box at the top of the page. Then select the current domain and click transfer. Then fill in the Authorization Code (also called Auth Code). Once you've done that, the transfer will end up in your shopping cart and then click it in the upper right corner to proceed and complete the order.

    In some cases, there is a cost for the transfer and it is something that is determined by the registry. Such a charge exists even if there is a transfer between two existing accounts on Name ISP. In cases where there is one such, it is usually because the domain is renewed by one year in connection with the transfer.

    You also have the option to read more about domain transfer here.

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