How do I register a domain?

  • First, log in with your user in Client Area.
    The next step is that you search for the desired domain name in the white search box where there are Search domains. Enter the domain name without WWW and click the magnifying glass to start the search. If you are notified that the domain is available, press the green Add button. Then complete the order, then touch the shopping cart in the upper right corner and follow the instructions you get there. Once the payment is registered in our systems, the order will begin to be processed. For this reason, we recommend that you do not choose invoice as a payment method, but any form of payment that occurs directly, such as paypal / credit card.
    Once the registration is complete, a confirmation will automatically be sent to your Email.
    Worth noting is that there are special requirements (for example, some form of local presence in the country) for many top-level domains. If you are unsure about the top level domain you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact the support and we'll tell you more.

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